SANDCAT is an Estonian fashion brand that celebrates the vibrant spirit of women who dare to stand out. Our mission is to encourage women to confidently own their styles and embrace their uniqueness.

The name "SANDCAT" draws inspiration from the resilient and agile cat species found in deserts. These feline creatures embody survival skills in harsh environments, reflecting the qualities we admire. Like our customers, they gracefully navigate through life's obstacles with strength and determination. The sand cat symbolises our brand's essence of strength, agility, and unwavering confidence to overcome challenges.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our brand. We value feedback and continuously improve our collections to ensure that every SANDCAT piece leaves a lasting impression.

Our 5% Commitment

Parties and special events are an excellent way to enjoy yourself, live in the moment, and simply be happy. We want to go further than that and help people be happy every day and all the time. This is why we commit 5% of our net profits to organisations that help people balance their minds and elevate their well-being in everyday life. These organisations can be, for example, non-profits that teach meditation practice, public organisations helping people overcome depression & anxiety, and individuals who have devoted their lives to helping others.